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Daughters of God

Daddy Issues


Hosatge Music 2016

Daughters of God: the bastard offspring of the dysfunctional relationship between Lucy Pearson (aka Spirit of Love from Alabama 3) a 40 something transvestite and Malixie Boomshed, a twenty something artist and full-time Riot Grrrl from Sheffield. Yorkshire’s answer to Courtney Love, Boomshed has a voice that could strip the paint off a child’s bicycle at forty paces. Having completed several tours of duty in the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (look it up,),Malixie delivers a dose of militant vitriol that is both Explosive and Satirical, For their debut E.P. ‘Daddy Issues’ ,D.O.G. give you the sound of Oedipal/Menstrual rage turned up to 11. Accompanied by Thee Infinite Three’s Dan Knowler (drums) and Sam Mac (bass) and produced Wizard, Alabama 3’s legendary producer, ‘Daddy Issues’ is a blast.

Track Listing

  • 1. Nasty Little Bitch

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