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Alabama 3

Following Rainbows (Radio Edit)


Released 24th November

Velatronix featuring Alabama 3
Single : Following Rainbows
Release Date : 24th November 2014 (Download)
Record Label : Hostage Music
“The best British Rock n Roll band since The Pogues or quite possibly The Clash”
- The Sunday Times
“The first band I could ever dance in the daytime hours without chemical assistance”
- Irvine Welsh
They’re not from Alabama and there sure as hell ain’t three of them, but for two decades Alabama 3 have been unleashing their unique blend of Country Acid House from their adopted home in Brixton, South London. Always doing things differently, with an outspoken manner, they are back with their new single “Following Rainbows” taken from their upcoming 12th studio album Women From W.O.M.B.L.E. Vol. 2 (2015). A departure from the sound they have become synonymous with, this single has been birthed from an unsolitary period of exploration. Instead of the usual sex, drugs and rock n’ roll antics, this track is cut through with 100% legitimate pop melancholy..... a tale of lost love, strange cities and borderless existence.
No. 1 best selling crime writer and Hostage Music protagonist, Martina Cole, met their vocal collaborator on this track, Velatronix, one evening in a local kebab shop. After hearing her sing, she made an introduction to Alabama 3 and “Following Rainbows” was recorded in their Hostage Music Studios later that week. The single will also feature on the Women from W.O.M.B.L.E album, the second volume in their W.O.M.B.L.E series (World Of Militant Beat Liberating Executioners). This record sees Alabama 3 leave a female contingent to front-line the record, giving freedom to the soulful mother’s and sisters of their community to explore the playing field in a male dominated industry. As a 9-1 male-female dominated band, they are curious… can feminism find its place among funky dance floors again?
Alabama 3’s wild blend of the unthinkable, their proclivity for rock n roll decadence, and acute social conscience has made them a unique, and unstoppable entity in the music industry.  Their twenty year track record has seen them tour extensively all over the world and has included performances on Later With Jools, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Glastonbury and even quirkier events like longtime fan Stephen King’s book launch, to the funerals of the Great Train Robber’s Bruce Reynolds and Ronnie Biggs. Their track “Woke Up This Morning” reached worldwide audiences as the soundtrack for HBO TV series The Sopranos, and their music has also featured in The Simpsons and Hollywood blockbusters like Gone in 60 Seconds.
The band has always had a loyal and devoted following in the UK and with this at hand, Alabama 3 embark on their 19 date 2014 winter tour this November. Rev D. Wayne Love, Larry Love, along with their gnarled and unholy pageant of disfigured carrions, will be unloading disturbing dynamite across the country, sending fans wild with tenacious new tracks along with classic ammunition! It’s time to get back to church…the twisted circus is in town!

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  • 1. Following Rainbows (Radio Edit)

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