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Alabama 3

Wimmin From W.O.M.B.L.E Vol 2


3rd November 2014

According to German GSG anti-terrorist sharpshooters, when engaged in close arm combat with female insurgents, agents are required to 'shoot the women first'. Unlike the male of the species, the women do not weep for pain relieving whiskey upon injury but tenaciously cling on, until every enemy bullet is spent, or every enemy soldier eliminated.
Alabama 3, as a 9-1 male-female dominated band are curious...

Can feminism find its place amongst funky dance floors again? Can music overcome all of these so called ‘blurred lines’? Can women in an increasingly technocratic age, protect themselves, as the age of video continues to fetishize their components? Will music bosses keep jacking up and jerking off to the objectifications of its female unit? Or are today’s women evolving feminism at such speed - bodies basking naked on their pseudo-feminist beaches, that they’ve become hotter than the hooves that crushed Emily Davison’s face? What the fuck does ‘female liberation’ even mean anymore?

On these grounds, Alabama 3 have forged a battlefield, coming at you in the form of their 12th studio album…Wimmin From W.O.M.B.L.E the second in their ‘World of Militant Beat Liberating Executioners’ series.

Larry explains the new project…
After 12 studio albums, you have to find new ways to keep things fresh. Alabama 3 have been around for a long time, we naturally felt it was time to shake things up a bit. The W.O.M.B.L.E series has given us the artistic space to re-establish ourselves as a collective, thence us billing it as ‘Alabama 3 presents’. Volume 1 saw us collaborating with the youth in our community. We’ve got a teenager who served us a kebab in a chip shop singing lead vocals on one of the most heart-wrenching tracks on Men From W.O.M.B.L.E Vol 1 – Following Rainbows.  This time round on Women From W.O.M.B.L.E Vol. 2, we wanted to collaborate with the cool sisters, the mother’s of our community to see what happened.”

Released in November 2014, the LP features a heavy female presence, with a wide variety of soulful sisters front lining the record.
From the opening track Black Betty, it begins with a revolutionary re-appropriation of a Leadbelly classic. Now re-worked by Alabama 3’s very own Aurora Dawn - brace yourselves for a militant adaptation, applicable to every young woman about whom they cried "The damn thing went wild”. Serving as a sassy prelude for everything to come – a 12-track LP ensues, which serves as ground for female conflicts and coalitions.

“It’s been very nice, not nice (I sound like Alan Partridge) but stimulating, (not in an erotic way), to work with women of a quality and integrity who would not in any way be compromised by the sexist attitudes and concepts that is inherent in the album’s concept. I’m fully aware of the contradictions inherent in Alabama 3 making any attempt at empathy with the female of the species, when everyone knows that they do exactly what is said on the tin…sex drugs and rock n’ roll. Hopefully Women From W.O.M.B.L.E will disturb and delight in equal measure those who have any interest in the future of our species. And to quote the old bastard imperialist Rudyard Kipling, we shall declare:  
 “Twas the women, not the warriors, turned those stark enthusiasts pale. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.”


Track Listing

  • 1.Bam Ba Lam (Here Comes Daddy).
  • 2.If I Should Die Tonight.
  • 3.Soon Come.
  • 4.Burning From The Inside.
  • 5.The Devil Went Down To Ibiza.
  • 6.The Ballad of the Gravediggers Daughter.
  • 7.Don't Dig Any Deeper Darling.
  • 8.You Are The One.
  • 9.You Can't Hold Me Down.
  • 10.Switchblade Stilletos.
  • 11.Following Rainbows (Radio Edit).
  • 12.The Ballad of the Great Train Robbers Wife.

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