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Ahead of their debut release on Hostage Bass, Producer Convention sit down to shed light on who they are, and how they invaded our headspace today.


INTERVIEWER: First off guys, tell us all about the lotto win?

PRODUCER #1: Big win for the fam! I found out first, so I called an emergency code 10 meeting with the boys.  Code 10 is as big as it gets - bad news usually, supplier in prison, post code war, that sort of thing. They were all sat quietly around me, looking at me, wondering what the hell was going on. I reached into the top pocket of my blazer and pulled out 4 Nando Black Cards. "Here it comes boys, life as you know it has changed".

INTERVIEWER: Incredible. What happened then?

PRODUCER #1: We went across to Wetherspoons and celebrated. Needless to say we all called in sick to work the next day.

INTERVIEWER: And where did the decision to start making music come from?

PRODUCER #1: All I've ever wanted was to be a DJ. Me and some boys went on a swingin' holiday to Magaluf after our A-Level results. Ever since seeing Tiesto work the girls up like that, I promised myself that I'd throw in the overalls someday. 

INTERVIEWER: Right... And the relationship with Hostage Bass?

PRODUCER #2: It's mega handy to be able to buy your way into a label these days. It enabled us to avoid years of having to hang out and respect the underground crew. Hostage Bass had no qualms about the journey they could take us on with our unlimited resources. We've bought some shares in Facebook, Twitter and Google, so we're really feeling like the world is our oyster on this release. We can do anything. We're 2 entitiies tagging along on each others promoted posts.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have any respect for dance music?

PRODUCER #3: Of course we do. (He blows menthol vape into our faces)  We're aware of the massive responsibility that comes with becoming a producer. The music industry is an over-crowded trench these days.  Those ready to roll down the lost highway though, are the ones who have Logic and money. We can do anything. We can even bring Gabba back.

INTERVIEWER: What do you boys do in your spare time?

PRODUCER #2: We do alot of yoga and eat alot of olives.

INTERVIEWER: What about kids who aren't going to win the lotto and will be needing to do this from a grassroots stage?








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