Sonny Green


"Sonny Green brings us some fire... looking forward to hearing more from him in the future!"  SBTV

Every generation needs a voice for the people, a person willing to stand up and speak about the issues surrounding them in the world they live in. 21-year-old Grime and spoken word artist Sonny Green is an amazing young talent with a moral and social conscience at the centre of his work.

Sonny is a young musical poet, overflowing with energy and bursting with a passion to raise consciousness and provoke thoughts for progress in society, making a hiatus from the commercial negative narrative of many modern day rap and hip hop artists, and stepping beyond the common self-consuming love and sex lyrical plot. His words and music addresses a wide spectrum of topics within society such as social behaviour, media manipulations, permaculture, domestic violence, global agendas and street culture.




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