O'Connell and Love


O’Connell and Love is a joint venture between Larry Love of Alabama 3 and renowned session musician Brendan O'Connell.

After spending much time playing acid country house on the road with Alabama 3, Love approached O'Connell in an effort to fulfill his passion to create some sweet narco-acoustic country music.

Kris Kristofferson credited their first venture 'Ghost Flight' as 'one of the best debuts I've ever heard.'  Always working together between their personal music ventures, they are now premiering new material from their anticipated follow-up album “…The Party’s Over?”, released on Alabama 3’s independent label, Hostage Music later this year.

Who said Alabama 3 only did murder ballads? Expect music littered with last chances, seaside lovers and dreams, which have melted like ice cream on the promenade.

With guests as diverse as Buffy St Marie and Rumer joining them on their second album, this is your chance to see the new material performed, hot off the press!


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